Hand woven

Joy Fibre Art


I am prepping for holiday gifts and sales with a very long warp of natural cotton for tea towels and other projects. Exploring with dying the warp on the loom and dying weft threads... each blend of colour is inspired by the beautiful view of the Forest City and its moody skies out my window.


outside my window


artist statement

As a Fibre Artist, my goal is to balance technique and imagination on the loom and spinning wheel.  Finding my own voice in the messy creativity of colour, pattern, texture and materials that become unique pieces of textile or wearable art.


Weaving is an ancient craft. Full of the work of women across cultures and generations. It has been used to fearlessly tell stories, clothe and protect those we love, delight with colour and creative expression and even communicate, subvert and educate through pattern and sequence.


I am attracted to the process of weaving. Taking a thread, wrapping, winding and organizing it into many, adding tension and and strategy and ending up with a strong, functional and complicated fabric. In this medium, red and blue threads become purple to the eye as they interlace. What looks flimsy and precarious up close, is strong and secure as each thread locks in and supports the next. I can’t help but see our humanity and connection to each other and the world around us in each piece I create.


When I weave or spin, I am lost in the movement and rhythm of the shuttle or wheel. Counting the pattern is like breathing in meditation. Suddenly what starts as the frustrating, precise work of setting up a loom becomes absolute stillness of the mind as your hands and feet do the work.


All of my work explores colour and texture with conscious intention to use sustainable, natural fibres, locally sourced as much as possible. 

Uniquely designed and handwoven (and sometimes hand spun or hand dyed) by Fibre Artist Kristy Cairns in London, Ontario.